about tamara

As a wife and mother of 3 kids, Tamara understands the importance of a space to call your home. Because of this, she loves making the dream of home ownership come true for families, singles, couples, retirees, veterans, and more.

Since 2016, Tamara has helped 450+ people get into loans and homes they love. Currently, she works with Cardinal Financial Company, Limited Partnership as the Branch Manager and your favorite Loan Boss

Tamara's drive and determination is sure to get you into a loan and home you love. You'll feel like you've made a best friend...and found the perfect home in the process!

My Story

The first time I bought a home, we were a single income family, it took us 3 loan originators, dozens of offers, and 11 months to find a place we loved. We were treated like an inconvenience by our prospective lenders and had no idea what to expect throughout the entire process.

Once we found a home and moved in, we found termites, dry rot, black mold (despite having inspections done) and our remodel funds were stolen by the contractor who was hired to fix those problems.

We had 2 babies, no kitchen, and no money. I had to wash dishes in the back yard for months. It was a horrible experience that led to a nervous breakdown and finally when we got to the end of that “adventure”, I decided that NO ONE should ever have to go through that.

Having a place to call home that is safe is so important and I knew that I could do better for families. So, I started out as a Realtor with an amazing team and learned all I could about negotiations, inspections, and more… but that was not enough. I realized there was and is so much more I could do for clients, so I became a Loan originator.

Having "been there" and "done that", I want to make sure my clients feel safe, know I will advocate for them, and that they don't have to go through the same things I did. Though IT IS “a process", it will be worth it and together we'll find a loan and home clients love.

The why

The driving force behind I am here is because I firmly believe everyone deserves the means to get into a place to call home.

The vision

We are creating a future where everyone has access to the loan and home they’re qualified for, whether it’s a veteran, first-time home buyer, someone buying/selling, or someone refinancing.


A Glimpse into How Tamara Gets Work Done



"There are no strangers here. Only friends you haven't met yet."
- William Butler Yeats
Tamara will walk you through the loan and home process like she would a friend! No more complicated legal lingo.



Tamara is ready to take care of business and do whatever it takes to get the job done. Rest assured! You'll be working with someone who has a high attention to detail and is quick to process paperwork, phone calls, and emails.



If we're not learning, we're not growing. Because of this, Tamara believes in excellence and constant growth. This can be seen in her continued education regarding every loan option, not just a segmented market.

the safest investment

“Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away.

Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.”

franklin D. Roosevelt

The Numbers

5/5 stars

Google & Zillow Reviews

Tamara and her team love and value people!

5+ years

As a Branch
Top Producer

and running

Top 5%

Ranking in Nation

Ranked in the top 5% in the Nation for Speed to Close 3 years in a row with UWM*

700+ clients

Found Homes they Love

Helping over 700 clients with their home search since 2016