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Frequently Asked Questions


Is getting pre-approved better than being pre-qualified?

Yes! A common mistake is assuming that getting pre-qualified is good enough in a busy market full of other buyers all eyeing the same home. In today's market, pre-approval is the way to go.  The Finance Group - Team Pulidos pre-approval process aims to give you an advantage, similar to if you had cash in the eyes of a seller, truly setting you above the rest.


How long does it take to receive a loan approval and a closing date?

Team Pulido is setting records in the industry with our goals of same day Upfront Underwriting, and average closings in 15-21 days. *Meanwhile, you may hear about time frames elsewhere being anywhere between 30 to 90+ days. We have streamlined these processes, allowing our team to move closing dates up when requested by your real estate agent


How does my credit score affect my ability to borrow?

Your credit score, in addition to other factors, plays a role in determining your credit-worthiness to the lender. We can offer you valuable advice and we encourage borrowers to get pre-approved first, so we can get a plan together and increasing your borrowing power for future purchase.


How do I know the right price for me?

Tamara can help determine what you qualify for after reviewing factors such as monthly income, employment history and credit score. You can then determine the mortgage debt that you're willing to bear based on your future financial goals. We’ll be glad to provide expert advice to assist you with how much you can comfortably afford to borrow.


Are there any upfront costs I need to budget for?

There are no costs currently associated with just starting your application, or receiving a pre-approval (if qualified). Depending on your loan type, you may need to consider saving up for a down payment, closing costs and fees once you have found a home. This will vary and we offer closing costs assistance subject to your individual circumstances.


What if I don't have a lot of money for a down payment?

If you don’t have the funds to pay the standard 20% (or 15% or even 10%), We have several low down payment loan options you can see if you qualify for – even as low as 0%. A few that may be right for you include:

  1. FHA loans, if you need flexible options
  2. Fannie Mae HomeReady, for those with low-to-moderate income
  3. USDA loans, for living in rural areas with 0% down


How do I know my rate won’t change?

One of our common mortgage products is a fixed-rate loan. This product gives homebuyers the comfort and ease of a consistent interest rate throughout the life of their loan. It can also provide our homebuyers with better control and flexibility to budget their finances. Contact me using the form below to see if you qualify for our options.