Everyone Deserves a Place to Call Home

Nervous about a mortgage?

Would you rather pay your own mortgage or your landlord's? By owning a home, you won't have to deal with rising rent costs because your payment will be fixed (assuming a fixed-rate mortgage).

How do I get a down payment?

There are many ways to cover a down payment! From tax returns, gifts from family, or using a loan program. As a Mortgage Loan Originator, Tamara knows all the programs available to help get you into a home!

What if I have bad credit?

Life happens, but that shouldn't prevent you from buying a home. Tamara can advise on how you can improve your credit, from your history, amount owed, length of credit, and more.

Get into a Loan and Home You Love

I believe everyone deserves a place to call home. I'll help you through the whole process, so you'll be confident in your loan and home purchase!


Get Approved for Loan

With easy access to my online loan application, we're able to get the process moving and get you into a loan you'll love!


Shop for a Home

Once your loan application is approved, we'll work with one of my trusted partners to find a place to call home.


Seal the Deal!

We'll walk you through the process from contracts to inspections to escrow until you have your house keys in hand!

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