Looking to get a better monthly payment, cash out, or get rid of your Private Mortgage Insurance? Refinancing could be for you.

Why refinance?

Refinancing is a way to save money... whether it's reducing your monthly payment or cashing out. Whatever the case, it's great for that remodel you've always wanted to do or to pay off those high credit card payments!

Who should refinance?

Anyone wanting a lower monthly payment, lower interest rate, looking to eliminate PMI, considering a remodel, or wanting to shorten your mortgage length.

Benefits of Refinancing

By refinancing, you could save yourself money through a lower monthly payment, lower interest rate, or some extra cash in your pocket!

Get into a Loan  Payment You Love

Tamara Pulido believes everyone deserves a place to call home. She'll help you through the whole process, so you'll be confident in your loan and home purchase!


Complete Mortgage Application

With easy access to my online loan application, we're able to get the process moving and get you into a loan you'll love!


Set Refinance Goal

Once your loan application is approved, we'll review your home's equity and establish what your refinance goal is.


Seal the Deal!

In 15-30 days, we will pay off your existing mortgage and put you in a new mortgage that meets your needs.

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