Hometown Heroes Program

Published on
Apr 9, 2022

Who Qualifies as a Hero?

Qualifying heroes include, but are not limited to current and former firefighters, paramedics, EMTs, law enforcement and all other first responders. All ranks of active military, reserves and veterans of the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. Please contact me if you would like to know if you qualify.

If I buy a home, how does the savings work?

When you work with me to buy a home, you will receive 20% of the gross commission towards your closing costs, saving you thousands towards the purchase of your new home! Plus, if you work with our mortgage, title and inspection specialists, you can save an average of $500 on appraisal fees.

If I sell a home, how does the savings work?

When you work with my partner agents to sell a home, you will receive a 20% credit on the listing fee at closing.

Do I need to use all of your services to receive the savings?

You are not required to use me for both Real Estate and Loan Services. Each service you work with will add to your savings amount, but it is completely up to you as the client. Most heroes do not want to miss out on all the savings we offer, so they choose to use as many of our local specialists as possible to maximize their Hero Rewards savings.

How much money does a Hero typically save?

On average heroes save $4000 or more when they buy or sell a home with my Hometown Heroes Program. In addition, if  I am able to assist you with your loan needs the savings can be and additional $1395-2000!  For example, when using me as your preferred lender I will also pay for home appraisal ensuring you get the best service and pricing!